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Does Affiliate Marketing Work for You?

Does Affiliate Marketing Work for You? What’s more important than asking ‘can it sell’ though, is to ask ‘can you sell it?’. In other words, you need to look at whether the product you’re considering works within the context of your niche and your current market. You probably already have a number of social media…

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How to Choose Products That Will Bring You Massive Commissions

How to Choose Products That Will Bring You Massive Commissions In the last article we covered some of the more popular and well-known affiliate networks and also looked at a couple of lesser known options. But knowing where to  find affiliate products to sell is really only part of the story. Just as important is…

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The Most Popular Affiliate Networks

An Introduction to the Most Popular Affiliate Networks And Other Options We’ve already discussed one of the biggest affiliate networks JVZoo ( and how to get set up with them. This is the number one affiliate market that we recommend, as it has the easiest set up, the most intuitive interface and the most flexible…

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Facts, Figures and Social Proof

Facts, Figures and Social Proof & How to get Testimonials Finally, you can further reinforce what you’re saying with liberal doses of facts, statistics and figures. People know that your objective is to sell to them and so anything you say they will likely question and assess. However, when you quote statistics or research, this…

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Value Propositions and More

Working the Emotions: Value Propositions and More The key thing to keep in mind when trying to sell anything is your value proposition. In fact, let’s take a step back. Understand that people don’t buy products based on logic. We don’t buy things because we need them and we’ve considered the pros and cons. In…

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