Alternatives to Affiliate Marketing

Alternatives to Affiliate Marketing

If you have followed all my previous posts about affiliate marketing now you should know everything you could possibly need to know to be a highly successful affiliate marketer, you should have a very good idea of what it entails and whether or not it’s for you.

But what if, after all that, you don’t think you do like the sounds of affiliate marketing? What if it all seems a bit complicated? Or a bit slow? Or what if you’d like to make your own product that you can take real pride in?

No problem! The good news is that the skills you’ve learned as an affiliate marketer are highly transferable and can be used in a range of different business models you can use to earn money online. If you’ve been paying attention all this time, then you will also have the skills to handle a number of these business models and likewise there’s nothing to stop you combining multiple businesses like these to form a range of different income streams.  For example…

Creating a Digital Product

If you want your own product then you can make one relatively simply. Most people have the ability to write an eBook and the old saying goes that ‘everyone has a book in them’. All you need to do is create a Word Document and save it as a PDF and if you want, you can even do this by using content you’ve already created for your blog or website.

But if you’re not confident in your skills as a writer, or perhaps if you want to create something else like an app or another piece of software, then you can do this relatively simply too by outsourcing the process via UpWork, Elance or Fiverr. You can also find people happy to work for money on Digital Point Forum or Warrior Forum (Digital Point is a competitor to Warrior Forum).

Getting someone to write you an ebook will normally set you back $2-$4 per 100 words but note that you do get what you pay for. If you spend a little more, the book will be much better quality. As a rule, a book you’re going to sell should be at least 10,000 words long which means you’re looking at spending somewhere in the ball park of around $200 or $400. This isn’t bad considering you should be able to make the money back after 10 or more sales!

If you’re really adventurous, you could even find affiliates for your own products!

PLR Products

As mentioned earlier, an alternative approach here is to buy a product with PLR – Private Label Rights. This way, you buy the book and the right to edit and sell it. Often these come with all the marketing materials included but you get more flexibility in the way you want to edit your business model.

If you’re looking for a good site to download PLR products, there’s really only one that I recommend. It’s the PLR Behemoth membership site. You can become a FREE member and download great content. And if you want to invest a little bit more, it is the most affordable PLR Membership I know and you can download thousdands of PLR products including ebooks, graphics, software, videos, audios, templates, themes, plugins, articles and more!


Of course your products don’t have to be digital products and if you can make something physical then that might be even better – especially as this time you’ll be getting 100% commission instead of the paltry 4% offered by Amazon!

Most people don’t have the means to create a product that they mass produce but if you have some kind of skill or craft then that’s something you can easily market. Why not  sell hand-made jewelry, clothes, paintings or something else you make? That way you can turn a hobby into a business!


Another option is to use your marketing skills as a service. Now you know how to make a splash on the web, build an audience and gain a following, this is something you can sell to other people!

Internet marketing is something that every business needs and it’s increasingly well known. Once you’ve seen how much money it can make for you, why not outsource it to others? You can find work very quickly advertising somewhere like Warrior Forum and you’ll find that there’s a big demand for it.

That said, this is also a somewhat saturated market. To stand out, you need to find the right audience and make your service sound different from all the others – all things you should know how to do by now!

A free tip though: try going into high street stores that don’t have websites (or that have poor performing websites) in your area and offering them your SEO, social media and PPC skills to get them to the top of Google. As with influencer marketing, it’s much easier to make an impression and make your case in person!

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