How to Choose Products That Will Bring You Massive Commissions

How to Choose Products That Will Bring You Massive Commissions

In the last article we covered some of the more popular and well-known affiliate networks and also looked at a couple of lesser known options. But knowing where to  find affiliate products to sell is really only part of the story. Just as important is to know what kind of thing you’re going to sell once you get there.

Take a look around JVZoo and certainly Amazon and you’ll quickly find  there  are almost a limitless selection of different things to sell. How do you make the choice of what you want to promote?

There are countless different factors to take into account here but it’s important that you spend some time thinking it through. Ultimately, your decision here is going to be one of the biggest factors in determining your success.

Your Profits

What’s most important of all when choosing your affiliate product is to choose something that is likely to sell well. If you have a product that earns you several hundred dollars for every sale but no one buys it, then this is going to earn you zero still.

But while that’s true, it certainly is also worth considering just how much you’re going to earn per sale as well. This way, you can then calculate how many items you’ll need to shift in order to make a decent profit from your affiliate activities.

Likewise, you also need to look at how you are making money from each sale. More specifically, it’s key to note whether you’re making money because the product is priced high or because you’re making a lot of commission on each sale. If you had to choose either or here, then of course it’s far preferable to be in the latter scenario. This way, the item will be priced lower but you’ll still be able to make a better living from fewer sales.

Another thing to think about in regards to the price is the income of your target demographic. Who are the people reading your website or following you on social media? Do they have a disposable income to spend on the kinds of products that you’re now offering?

In other words, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to go for the highest paying item possible and to assume that this is going to earn you the most money. For instance, you might have a high ticket item like an online seminar that you can sell for $1,500 and make $500 from each sale. But how many people are likely to sign up to these kinds of courses? Do you know enough about the subject to be truly convincing? Do you have precisely the right audience? In all likelihood, you’ll see very few sales of something like this.

Likewise, with a very cheap item, you need to ask how that is going to reflect on the value of the product. People like to feel like they’re getting the very best and like they’re buying something premium. If this eBook is only going to cost them $5, they might wonder why every other eBook costs $30.

If you’re selling multiple products, then you even need to think about how one is going  to compete with the other. Might sales of one affiliate product canablize sales of another? For instance, is it really a good idea to sell a product for $10 and a very similar one for $2?


When it comes to pricing, affiliate marketers have a lot less control and flexibility when compared to product creators. In other words, you can’t just make the decision to sell your items for less or to introduce some kind of special offer: you need to run this past the creators first and you might not get given the go ahead.

What you can do though, is to think about how different items on your site/in your e- mails are priced and how these prices will interact with and affect one another.

And this means that you can take advantage of strategies such as ‘contrast’. Essentially, contrast means that you are purposefully creating a stark contrast between two price points with two products. So you might have an eBook that you sell for $30 and another that you sell for $10 on the same subject.

Now, there is the risk here that sales of one will cannibalize sales of the other, as we discussed a moment ago; this may not be a good move for you. But then again, there’s also a possibility that shaving these two differently priced items will encourage sales.

For instance, if someone is considering buying your $30 eBook but they think it’s too expensive and they can’t justify spending that much money, then they can buy the $10 item as a compromise. This makes the $10 item feel cheaper and at the same time it helps the buyer to convince themselves that they’re making a good decision and a savvy one. If someone wants to buy something, then giving them a way to talk themselves into it like this is often a good strategy.

Conversely though, you can also use your $10 offer in order to attract attention and  draw the potential buyer in. They see that you’re selling an item for $10 and they click your ad to go to your site. They’re now probably going to buy something. But if when they get there, they see that you’re also selling something additional for $30, they might then decide that actually they would rather have this other, more premium product and thereby know that they’re going to get the best. If they’re spending money anyway, why settle for less?

This is an example of how an affiliate marketer can ‘play items’ off of one another and  it’s something to consider when choosing the types of things you’d like to start selling.

Recurring Commission

And actually, selling a high ticket item just once may not even be the most profitable option for you. If you sell an item for a lot of money you still only earn from that customer once.

So what will really bring in the most profit is any kind of recurring commission. Some services incur recurring monthly fees for their users, while others cost money every time a user logs in to use it. Some of these options can then provide you with commission every time the company makes money from someone you referred.

So if you refer someone to a gambling site and they use that site every single day, you  can stand to earn every single time they put money in! The same might be true for  bingo, or for some kind of web app that requires a paid membership. This way, you can get a much more stable income because you’ll be able to work out how much you’re likely to earn each month. Moreover, you can carry on earning money long after you’ve stopped being an affiliate and potentially even be set up for life!


Of course what’s also very important to look at when selling your item is the popularity. When you go onto JVZoo or Clickbank, you can see all kinds of metrics about the items and this includes the number of sales.

Remember what we said earlier: there’s no point in overcomplicating a business model and if you can find something that is already selling really well, this will help you to minimize the risk. You now know that if your product isn’t selling, it’s not the fault of  the item and this then reduces the number of different factors to consider. This way, you can focus on other things like finding the right audience or writing a better sales pitch  on your landing page.

Looking at the number of sales is only one aspect though. At the same time, you should also look at the number of returns and the number of sellers. Looking at the number of refunds gives you a good idea of the quality of the item. Not only will this help you to avoid having to give refunds that will cost you money, but it also means the item is probably something that you can get behind and sell without wondering whether it’s actually any good. And remember: you’re trying to build long term trust with your customers so that you can potentially sell to them again in future – so you don’t want to convince them to buy things that are low quality!

In terms of the number of sellers this is also important because it tells you how much money each affiliate is making from each product. To put it another way, if you have 1,000 people trying to sell a product then you’d expect it to have at least 1,000 sales. That means each person managed to sell it once… so in other words it doesn’t mean the product is popular with buyers necessarily. All this does tell you is that the product is popular with affiliates; affiliates think it should be popular and thus lots are trying to sell it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to be competing with these other affiliates at least to some degree. If there are 1,000 people all trying to sell the same product then who is to say that they’re the customers will buy it from you and not from them.

The best products then are the ones that have very few people selling them but are nevertheless making lots of sales. Look for new products that appear to be ‘breakout products’ and that not every other affiliate has cottoned on to yet.

You can also do your research to look into the way that other sellers are promoting these items. If you find a product is doing well because an affiliate has spent thousands of dollars on advertising, then it may be difficult for you to stand out and be noticed.

Originality and Market Research

Keep in mind as well that you’re not just competing with the other sellers of the precise product you’re looking at – but also anyone with a similar product.

We discussed briefly at the start of this eBook that you may already have seen adverts on Facebook for the ‘make money online’ lifestyle. Likewise, you’ll have noticed that sites like JVZoo and WSO sell mostly products aimed at making money online. In other words, this is a somewhat saturated market and you’re going to need to work really hard if you hope to stand out and be noticed by your audience. The danger here is that you promote your ‘make money online program’ and people who land on it just roll their eyes knowing that they’ve seen countless things exactly like this before in the past.

And likewise, you can also look at similar products in the market to see whether something has a chance of selling. If the item you’re looking at isn’t already selling by  the bucket load but similar products that offer less are then you might safely assume that this item has the potential to sell as long as it has the right marketing push.

If you want to get really advanced then you can set out to do some market research. As with any new product, the ideal scenario is that you’re creating a product that has a clear need and demand but where there isn’t any direct competition. If you can find a niche and an item that is similar to other successful products while offering something different, or while costing less than what’s already on the market, then you have a good chance of being successful.

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