The Tiny, Practical PodRide Is A Bicycle And Car

Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman wanted a bicycle that was weather-protected and more comfortable than the traditional bike. That’s why he designed his prototype of the PodRide, a “fun and practical bicycle-car.” When you see this thing in action, I guarantee you’ll be more than impressed.

With four-wheels, a short turning radius and the ability to hit 15 miles per hour, the PodRide is a combination of a small car and bicycle. It’s incredibly wee (it only weighs 154 pounds), yet the same height as a normal car. There’s even storage space, and drivers can hook a bike trailer to the back. On warm, sunny days, the front and side windows open up for an even more comfortable ride. According to, “The PodRide is narrow enough to fit on regular bike paths, and is classified as an e-bike in Sweden that means no special licenses or insurance are required in order to use it. In fact, it’s not even the only Swedish cloth-bodied four-wheeled cycle car we’ve seen.”

Since uploading his idea to YouTube in April 2016, Mikael’s PodRide has garnered dozens of comments from strangers who wish him well with his design and say they’d buy one in a second. I, for one, would absolutely love to own a PodRide.

Would you?

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