10 Snapchat Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

10 Snapchat Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Snapchat is growing very fast. More and more brands and businesses are getting onto the platform. New users are often confused on whom to follow on this platform, which is because it is difficult to find people worth following the first time you get onto the platform. However, if entrepreneurship or startups are your thing, then you will greatly benefit by following these 10 accounts on snapchat:

Justin Kan

Justin Kan is a well-known entrepreneur in snapchat. He is also the founder of Justin.tv. Justin Kan doles out lots of startup advice and growth strategies which can be of great use to entrepreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is the CEO and Founder of Vaynermedia, which is a New York based social media agency. Gary provides lots of leadership as well as growth marketing advice. He also offers a close-up view of the daily life of an entrepreneur and investor.

Morgan Brown

Morgan gives invaluable advice on how people can grow their businesses. He is the co-author of Startup Growth Engines. He provides plenty of marketing tips and details of most of the cool events that he attends.

Everette Taylor

Everette is in charge of the growth and marketing department at Microsoft in addition to being the SEO of Millisense. Everette shares invaluable leadership and management tips that you will find nowhere else.

Mark Suster

Mark Suster is a must-follow if you are interested in Venture Capital. He shares stories on life in Silicon Valley as well as tips on how to effectively attract someone’s attention using an email.

Justin Wu

Justin Wu is a self-proclaimed growth hacker who also doubles up as founder of Vtymn. Justin shares many tools that will help you to grow your business without incurring a lot of expenses.

Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca is arguably one of Silicon Valley’s most accomplished investors. He has investments in companies such as Twitter, Uber, and etc. He shares into insights into top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley as well as providing you with a glimpse on how he lives his life.

Talia Wolf

Talia shares indispensable tools that will help you to optimize your websites.

Matt Mazzeo

Matt Maxxeo’s snaps are usually about his daily adventures which often entail coming across very interesting people- people who are successful in various ways.

Garry Tan

Garry is not as frequent as fellow snapchatters, but when he snaps, he shares some really potent wisdom that everyone should take note of. His snapchat stories are often based on family, startup advice as well as travel.

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