5 Ways to Market on Twitter

Twitter has been around for a while now and it’s definitely not going anywhere. What’s neat about Twitter is that it tends to have a very dedicated user base which check their timeline regularly.  Furthermore, people will always see your tweets, meaning that your posts don’t get hidden, unliked Facebook’s algorithms.  You can easily drive tons of FREE highly targeted traffic using Twitter for any niche or business, and to prove it, here’s just a few methods for marketing on the platform.

1. Reply To Other Users And Answer Questions

Search for tweets that contain keywords related to your business or products and if they’re questions or anything – reply to them. This is your opportunity to not only make connections with others, but also to drive traffic and even get conversions too.

2. Follow Active Accounts That Follow Other “Authority” Users In Your Niche

This is somewhat of a grey-hat tactic, but as long as you don’t go overboard with it, there’s truly no harm done. What you want to do is find the major players in your niche or market, and then view their followers and people that interact with their tweets. Go ahead and follow those accounts, or even interact with them. This is an excellent way to gain new followers and easy free traffic. There’s even software that can automate this kind of stuff for you.

3. Use Hashtags To Attract Relevant Users That Are In Your Niche Or Market

Tons of people are searching for hashtags on Twitter to interact with or create conversation with. Not only that, but Twitter displays the trending hashtags and topics all throughout the day, for different regions. You can use this to your advantage by discussing popular trending topics to drive in traffic and spawn engagements and discussions.

4. Run A Contest Or Poll To Encourage Users To Take An Action of Some Sort

An integrated feature on Twitter allows you to create polls and even contests through other 3rd party websites. This is an excellent way to generate tons of engagement, conversions, and traffic for anything you want.

5. Ask Questions And Encourage New Conversations

As always, another excellent method for gaining traffic and creating a buzz is to ask questions on Twitter. This could be by asking other users (via search or hashtags) different questions. Or by asking your followers a question and getting them to retweet with their answer. There’s all kinds of potential with this approach.

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