Building Your Affiliate Empire

Building Your Affiliate Empire – Setting Up the Essentials

 You’ve already seen at this point how a landing page can help to support the basic business model we’ve created. For this you’ll need a few additional materials and services that get a little more complicated than simply signing up for Facebook Ads or for JVZoo.

Instead, to create a landing page you’re going to need the fundamental components of a website which means you’ll want a hosting account and you’ll want a domain name.  Once you combine these two elements you’ll have everything you need to create a website and start filling it with content.

This also allows you to create your own blog and to start doing what’s known as ‘content marketing’. This is how you’ll build a lot of your trust and authority over time and it’s a crucial tool in the arsenal of any affiliate marketer.

Content Marketing

Almost anything you do to try and promote a website or an online product other than using PPC (pay per click advertising) will involve content marketing to some degree. Content marketing essentially means promoting something by creating content – be  that video or written content.

Either way, content is highly valuable because it’s what most people come onto the web for. If you’re not on Facebook, you will most likely use the web to search for news, information, how-tos, entertainment or resources. All of these things take the form of content. To find that content meanwhile, you’ll likely use Google to search for it – and thus SEO (Search Engine Optimization – which we’ll come to later) also relies on content. People share content they like on social media, which is another way we find new websites and generally content is the main way that sites and brands can provide value online and keep people coming back.

Content marketing goes beyond creating more ways for people to find your website though. If you create enough high quality content and post it regularly, then eventually you should be able to get to the point where people learn to trust your brand as an authority resource. Thus, they will seek out your website whenever they have questions regarding a certain subject. What’s more, they will be far more likely to trust you when you recommend a product or service.

Setting up a domain name, hosting account and blog are crucial steps for your  marketing activities then. And as well as this, you should also look into setting up an autoresponder. This is a service that handles a mailing list, allowing you to invite new subscribers and then to message everyone on that list at once. While you might not necessarily always need an autoresponder, they save you a lot of time and work by letting people easily subscribe and unsubscribe, by backing up your list and by generally making it a lot easier to manage. These also let you create simple ‘opt-in forms’ which are the forms people fill out in order to sign up to your list.



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