Creating a Checkout and Sales Page

Creating a Checkout and Sales Page

Now you have a website and you’re collecting e-mails, you’re going to want to give  people somewhere to actually buy your products.

As mentioned previously, one easy way to do this is by setting up a landing page with Optimize Press. This is a tool that makes it very simple to build a website with a sales- page design that will look professional and that will be optimized for selling. If you intend on selling your own digital products rather than working as an affiliate, then Optimize Press can also help you to build a checkout that will handle sales for you.

Using something like Optimize Press is particularly important because it looks professional. When someone is thinking about spending money with you, ensuring that your sales page looks professional is an absolute must – otherwise, people might be put off of buying from you if they think your website is part of a scam or may have some security holes.

Setting up Optimize Press is also very easy thanks to its WordPress integration. In fact, Optimize Press is actually a theme rather than a plug in, so once you install it it will simply transform the look of your site. If you want to have a sales page alongside a website with a blog then, you might want to use two separate WordPress installations in different folders on your server.

Another option is to use Volusion. Volusion is an interesting choice that straddles the line between eCommerce platform and sales page. This means you can use it to sell multiple products of your own, or to sell just one product of your own. Interestingly, it also gives you some integrated tools as an affiliate marketer: for instance, it comes with its own built-in autoresponder and even lets you set-up your own affiliate account  so that people can sell your products.

Of course you can also just create a page on your WordPress site or create a blank page yourself in HTML and use this as your checkout. If you’re selling affiliate products then the checkout side of things will likely be handled by the affiliate network, or by the product creator meaning that you can just acquire the customers and refer them without worrying about handling payment.

Another option is to forgo any kind of landing page on your website at all. Instead, you might just embed your affiliate links into the body of your articles and text, you might ad adverts to your site that promote affiliate links, or you might promote the affiliate products through e-mails and social media only. These strategies can work but the best scenario is to use every possible opportunity to promote the products you’re selling – so having a landing page is advised.

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