Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page

With the Facebook business model, explained here: you can start spending some money, you can set your ad to live and you can start earning right away. Then, the more you invest, the more you  can increase your revenue and profit.

The amazing thing about choosing a niche like ‘weddings’ is that new people are coming along all the time. This means you’re very unlikely to saturate the market!

But at the moment, you’re rather reliant on other people. You’re paying to send people to the product creator’s website where they can buy the eBook but if they drop the ball and fail to sell the product then you’re going be wasting money.

This is why it’s very important to look at another key number when you’re choosing your product on JVZoo – that being the ‘conversions’ figure. This number tells you what percentage of referrals are successfully converted into buyers and that makes it very important for you to think about.

But seeing as many of the more niche products on JVZoo only have 50+ sales, you might be wondering if there isn’t more you can do to encourage even more sales. The good news is that there is!

Specifically, what you want to be doing here is to create your own ‘landing page’ or ‘sales page’. This is a page that is entirely built around promoting and selling a product. Instead of linking your Facebook ad to the affiliate product directly then, you  instead link it to your landing page where you’ll make the product sound absolutely amazing  and really whet the appetite for it. This way, people will be more likely to want the product and to click through from your landing page to make a purchase.

Landing Pages

You’ve likely come across landing/sales pages in the past and there will most likely have employed a similar design. Most landing pages are built to have a very long, thin and vertical design. They then consist of a compelling description of the product being sold and will have no external links or navigation.

The whole point of a landing page is to encourage sales of a product and nothing else. This is why you don’t link to your ‘home page’ or your ‘about page’ – anything that could distract from your sales copy or ‘Buy Now’ button is omitted.

The long vertical design meanwhile is employed to encourage readers to scroll down the page. This is done as the simple act of scrolling down a page makes people feel more invested in an idea that’s being sold to them. As you scroll the page, you feel as though you’re going deeper into the site and you’re spending more time and energy on that sales pitch. After you’ve scrolled a certain distance you will feel sufficiently committed to then want to buy something. Or at least that’s the theory…

How do you create a landing page? You’ll need to know the basics of setting up a website (see next blog posts) but once you have a hosting account and domain name sorted out, you can skip having to do any actual design yourself by using the excellent ‘Optimize Press’ to automate most of the process. This is a tool that makes it very simple to create  a new landing page and this can be easily integrated with an affiliate link. Now just add the text and images that you think would help to sell the product and you’ll see even greater conversions.

This is a very basic business model you can use to start making money through  Facebook Ads and JVZoo immediately then. Throw in a landing page and you’ll start earning even more.

It really is that easy but in order to start optimizing your profits and scaling the business you’ll want to stick around for some of the more advanced affiliate marketing secrets that we have to share…

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