Welcome to the 30th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report series, specifically the 2023 Insights Practice report, using data collected in Q3 & Q4 of 2022!

In this report we tackle the nuts and bolts of the industry; we explore a variety of topics, some new and some that our readers have already come to depend on GRIT to cover. These include: adoption of emerging methods, the use of traditional methods, satisfaction levels with suppliers, the drivers of supplier selection, investment priorities for researchers, the business outlook and projected spending, the evolving role and activities of researchers, buzz topics, and in demand skill sets. These comprehensive analyses dive into the factors that shape the insights, analytics, and research landscape, which ultimately affects both buyers and suppliers.

One of the major changes we made to this version of GRIT is that we continue to evolve our segmentation model as a flexible tool to meet many needs, including visualizing the landscape of the industry. In this edition we have moved away from the previous map concept and instead have focused on exploring how buyer expectations compare to how suppliers position themselves along six dimensions. While some relationships between attributes and supplier types may seem obvious, some are not as close as one might expect, and there may be opportunities for suppliers to rethink their positions to better take advantage of gaps. We think this is far more usable and impactful than the lumascape ideas we have presented in the past.

That describes what is in this report, but what does it actually mean? Well, this is a BIG report that covers many topics in depth, so that isn’t an easy question to answer. However, what is a clear takeaway is that as the insights and analytics industry continues to transform from being primarily service-led to tech-led, and the implications of that ongoing shift. Specifically we uncover major trends related to technology and methodology adoption trends that influence partner selection, the changing shape of insight organizations and how the roles of insights professionals are evolving, and the drivers of business and investment that influence how suppliers are selected and scored on their performance.

Last but not least thanks must be given. GRIT is a community effort and our authors, commentary providers, sample partners, advertisers, and most especially research partners make it all possible. Special thanks go out to the organizations who helped with data collection and analysis: Gen2 Advisors, NewtonX, Q Research Software, QuestionPro and Yabble. We couldn’t pull this off without their generous time, energy, and expertise.


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