How to Create Stunning Content

How to Create Stunning Content That Gets Shares, Likes and Conversions

Writing great content for your blog is crucial to help promote your website and blog and thereby to create more opportunities to market your affiliate product.

If you were paying close attention to the earlier section on SEO, then you will hopefully have noticed that content really lies at the heart of this process. Adding more content to a blog gives Google more to index and this in turn translates as higher rankings for more search terms. Without written content, there is nothing for Google to index and no way for it to know what the topic of your site is.

At the same time, the more content you add to your blog, the more you will have  to share on social media. Sharing your own content on social media is another very effective way to get more people to visit your site and to get more likes and follows; and it ensures that your existing followers are getting value from following you.

But it goes beyond this and that’s where the whole concept of ‘content marketing’ really comes  in.  Content  marketing  means  that  you  use  content  not  only  to  create  more inroads for your site and to help people find you but also to build the trust and authority that you need to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. You can access tons of fantastic free PLR content here

Essentially, the idea behind content marketing is simply to show your readers that you are capable of delivering high quality information, advice and entertainment so that  they return to your site and sign up.

Let’s say someone discovers one of your blog posts when they’re looking for specific information on Google. They read your site, they notice your branding and they enjoy what they see. This won’t be enough on its own to ensure they ever come back though.

But if they then see your content appear on social media because a friend shared it, they may be more inclined to click on it now. Likewise, if they see your site come up in the SERPs for another search in future, they might then be more likely to select  your content over someone else’s.

Either way, they now return to your site a few times and are impressed each time with the quality of what you have to offer. So now, when they have a specific question in mind and they need an answer from someone they can trust – they might actively look for you.

At the same time, they may find they enjoy your content so much that they actually sign up to your mailing list so that they can find it again in future. Perhaps they add you on social media.

Whatever happens, they now consider you a trusted resource on the subject matter and as such they will turn to you for advice and they will seek out your opinion. And when you recommend a product because it’s ‘the best you’ve ever seen’. This is the true power of content marketing and how it goes far beyond simply getting onto the SERPs.

And it goes further than this too. If you write your content really well then you might find that other people share it to their own social media without additional incentive. This type of content is called ‘link bait’ – content so interesting and good that it is practically begging to be shared

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