Mastering Backlinks

Mastering Backlinks: The Little-Known Reason Your Pages Don’t Rank That Much

Since we are trying to rank our site on Google, We need to understand that which type of sites Google likes to rank on page one. With the release of recent Ranking Algorithm like Panda, Penguin and Pirate, Getting ranking on Google with old style of link building is almost dead now. We need to do backlinking as per Google Requirement.
In old days, if we are going to rank a site for keyword “fat loss factor”, we always build links for only one term fat loss factor. But this is not acceptable now. In simple words, you need to diversify your anchors or backlinking terms as possible as you can.
Practically, if you are going to rank a site for keyword “fat loss factor”, your anchor text ration for this keyword must be 1% only to your whole backlinking profile of your site.
So the basic idea to build an anchor text plan is before starting backlinking to your site is to have complete %age control of your anchors.
Usually anchors are the same thing as Keywords but once we call them particularly then they have some significant over keywords.
Let’s try to understand what type of anchors and how to build an anchor text plan which we will use in our Backlinking Plan.

Anchor Text Types

Target Anchor:

Target Anchor is the Target Keyword we want to rank at Top position. Just remember Buyers Keyword Findings where we have looked for Target Keyword and the other Buyers Keywords. So Target Anchor is actually our Target Keyword which has maximum traffic and we want to rank it at top positions on Page one.

Long Tails Anchors

The Buyer Keywords which have decent traffic are our Long tail anchors. That is why we have chosen 2 types of Buyers Keywords in Module.

Brand Anchors

Brand Anchors are those keywords which specifically represent your site. Like yoursitename is a brand anchor. We need these Brand Anchor for maximum diversification of our target anchor.

Naked Urls Anchors:

When we used our site URL as anchor, we call this as Naked URL Anchor. This is also very important to use in your backlinking profile. Creating links with Naked Urls is also a major ranking factor now a days.

Generic Anchors

When you created links with the general type of keywords like click here to visit this site, visit now, this site is good etc., then these types of anchors are known as Generic Anchors.
Don’t worry if this looks some odd to you, I have added my fat loss factor Anchor sheet in Resources and you can use that anchor text sheet as a template to build your site anchor text sheet.

Anchor Text %age in Backlinking Profile

After analyzing of lots of ranked sites, I am able to develop a perfect Anchor Text %age Formula and you can follow this without any problem.

 Target Anchor: 1% = 1 link
 Long Tails Anchor: 10% = 10 links
 Brand Anchor: 19 % = 19 links
 Naked Urls Anchor: 20% = 20 Links
 Generic Anchor: 40% = 50 Links
The above anchor plan is for creating 100 links for your site at Tier1.
I am not saying this is perfect, but this works for me and I can say with 100% guarantee that this is the best and safest anchor text %age to build links now a days
How to Build Anchor Texts Sheet
Now you need to build anchor text plan sheet for your Target Keyword for 100 backlinks. I have provided Generic Anchors File in Resources and you can use those to build backlinks using Generic Anchors.
Before building anchor text sheet, you need to understand that you must create a keyword spider first. For keyword spider, you need to have your target anchor in each of your long tail anchors. This is Must Thing to do.
You can use Semrush to build a keyword spider for you. However, you need Semrush Pro account to do this which can be costly. I have a free way to do this also.
Just visit ubbersuggest at and then put your target keyword like this.
Hit Suggest button and it will give you lots of keyword suggestions. Just select a meaningful Keywords suggestion given by ubbersuggest and only
put them in your Anchor Text Sheet. This will help you out to get lots of long tails ranking and extra free traffic.
Here is screen shot how my keyword spider looks like this.
So you can now use these keywords suggestions to develop a keyword spider. If you want to build a keyword spider of 50 keywords, you can pick 50 keywords suggestion.

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner to create a keyword spider for your anchor text plan. However, I recommend to use Semrush as it provides a lot of other necessary details about every keyword which really helpful to filter out less effective keywords from my keyword spider.
So now we have following things ready

 Keyword Spider for Target and Long Tails anchors
 Generic Anchors
 Brand Anchors
 Naked Urls Anchors

So what’s left, create your Anchor Text Plan Sheet for your backlinking.

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