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Phenomenal Twins Earn $1.6 Million In Scholarships

Chicago twins Deprice and Shaprice Hunt have set an extremely high bar for other high school seniors. The twins were recently accepted into a combined 56 colleges and have earned about $1.6 million in scholarships. Kemitashi Austin brought the Hunt siblings’ huge accomplishments to the forefront on Facebook when she shared a screenshot of a…

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A Battery That Could Last A Lifetime

Poor battery life is the number one complaint when it comes to smartphones and laptops. As a wireless society, having to tether ourselves down to power up our gadgets seems more and more a nuisance. And while researchersare looking intowireless charging,if batteries were betterwe would have to worry less. Now, a new technology promises just…

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Pac-Man Suit Takes A Bite Out Of Corporate Fashion

This Pac-Man Suit is a unique reply to stuffy office fashion, and is perfect for those solo nights at the bar. But if Pac-Man mazes make you or your date dizzy, then what about a Jack-O-Lantern suit for Halloween? Or a Stars and Stripes outfit for July 4th? Made by OppoSuits, these stylishly cut, polyester…

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Chair Made From A Recycled Boeing 737 Engine

Ever stared out of your plane window at the jet engine and thought “Hey, that thing would make an AWESOME chair!”? Well, the guys at UK-based furniture design company Fallen Furniture did, and the 737 Cowling Chair is the result. The chair is made from a genuine Boeing 737 jet engine. It features a polished…

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The Tiny, Practical PodRide Is A Bicycle And Car

Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman wanted a bicycle that was weather-protected and more comfortable than the traditional bike. That’s why he designed his prototype of the PodRide, a “fun and practical bicycle-car.” When you see this thing in action, I guarantee you’ll be more than impressed. With four-wheels, a short turning radius and the ability…

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