5 Tips for Using Snapchat For Business

5 Tips for Using Snapchat For Business

Snapchat Overview

Snapchat is an exceptional video and photo messaging app that was officially launched in 2011. Unlike many other apps, all videos and photos appear very briefly and then disappear forever. This feature makes the app quite ephemeral in nature, although you can take screenshots of snaps then save them in the form of pictures.

Are you aware that even though Snapchat was launched just a few years ago (in 2011), users on the platform send million of snaps on a daily basis.

Are you also aware that the app is so popular that at one time, Facebook offered to acquire it for a whopping US $ 3 billion? When the acquisition offer was rejected, Facebook came up with Slingshot with the objective of competing with Snapchat. Their attempt failed miserably.

5 tips for using Snapchat for business

The following is a comprehensive guide on how you can use the app to enhance growth and expansion of your business:

1. Provide access to events in real time

Snapchat is ideal for carrying out marketing on social media platforms because you can allow the audience to directly watch events happening in real time.

To promote your business, consider using it during trade shows, product launches or other special events. It will create excitement among your audience since you’ll be providing them with authentic and uncensored views of precisely what goes on during such events.

2. Enter into partnerships with influencers

Influencers can play a very pivotal role as far as attracting new customers and spreading brand awareness is concerned. By entering into partnerships with such people, you can extensively create awareness about your business to an audience that may otherwise be extremely difficult to reach using traditional media.

Remember that influencers who are equipped with special digital skills can come up with stunning content which can further enhance your business’ image and reputation.

3. Deliver private content

It’s a good idea to use the app to provide your audience with special content that they may not get from other conventional digital media. Surprise your followers by coming up with unique content.

Do you know that Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff and other prominent fashion brands regularly use Snapchat to display their products before officially launching them in the market?

4. Behind the scenes content

Provide your Snapchat community with photos and videos that have been captured from behind the scenes. Such an action will play a significant role in creating and engaging a strong following on the platform.

Show off your business while having fun at the same time. For instance, you can capture birthday parties, team-building sessions, office tours or anniversaries.

The strategy is very effective in making both existing and prospective customers feel like part and parcel of your business.

5. Offer contests, promotions and perks

You certainly know how much people love getting freebies on social media. Take advantage of this by offering discounts and/or promo codes to fans who have the will and ability to take up certain challenges that you pose. For instance, you can give discounts or promo codes to those who take snaps of themselves while carrying your company’s product(s).

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