Scoot is Sprinting from San Francisco to Austin to Speak at IIEX North America

Along with over 100 other amazing speakers from companies like Nike, Adobe, Glassdoor, American Express, REI, Discover, McDonalds, Ford, PepsiCo, Meta, Google and Kroger – Katrina Noelle and I from Scoot Insights, will be sharing the stage with Andrew Cannon and Paula Rosecky to talk about The Year of Joy initiative from The Art and Science of Joy.

As the name suggests, this is a year-long community, and in our role as one of the YOJ’s Research Partners, Scoot Insights just completed the Q1 Scoot Sprint to understand how the Year of Joy has impacted the community members during its first three months.

The Art and Science of Joy is an organization initiated and lead by Andrew Cannon and Debby Schlesinger-Hellman. Their mission with The Art and Science of Joy – “To inspire and empower you to find more joy in your life.”  Not a bad mission in a world filled with fear and negativity that is constantly changing and creating bumps in the road for everyone!

The Year of Joy is an intention-driven online community that started in mid-January 2023 to explore 52 weeks of unique content to inspire and empower people to find more joy in their lives.  By leading more joy-filled lives, people are able to do more good not only for themselves, but also for other people as well as for the planet. In the words of one of our first Scoot Sprint’s participants: “I’m part of a movement about cultivating joy.”

Foundational to living a joy-filled life is the importance of taking care of your own emotional, mental physical and spiritual Wellbeing, along with a sense of genuine Belonging, Positive Impact and Fun. These 4 simple, yet powerful ingredients help you live a joy-filled life. While everyone is on their own joy journey, there are 52 superpowers that ladder up to these 4 powerful ingredients and the community members will spend the year exploring these Joy Superpowers.


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The Year of Joy has partnered with an array of superpower experts to help deliver wise words, inspiring stories and empowering tips and tricks on how to bring focus to and make use of their Joy Superpower. Already covered are superpowers such as optimism, love, empathy, self-expression, gratitude, kindness, purpose, self-direction and more.

Much of the early content of the first quarter of this community, has been focused on the foundational ingredient of Wellbeing. The first of 4 Scoot Sprints was timed to check in with community participants at the end of this first phase.

We will be on the Think Tank Stage where fresh insights will be revealed, unseen before, on how “Choosing Joy in a World of Uncertainty: Building Connections & Cultivating Wellbeing” is working for community members, why they need it and how it has impacted their lives on a day-to-day basis. We can all learn from hearing how being more purposeful in the practice of joyfulness can make life a whole lot better!

Spoiler Alert: Community matters. Even before the Belonging ingredient was introduced to the community, the Scoot Sprint participants told us how essential belonging is to their ability to cultivate joy. A sense of belonging is seen as foundational to feeling joy and being able to sustain joy.  In the words of one participant: “That’s one of the foundations of joy – do you belong? Are you part of a community? That’s what I’m looking for.”

Intrigued? The YOJ community is open to anyone who wants to be more intentional at living a joy-filled life – it’s never too late to join in – and it is entirely free!  This is achieved with the support of an array of amazing companies and individuals, but importantly, many are from within the ever-generous research industry – because we researchers really get why joy matters! And the community members we spoke to encouraged others to get involved at any point throughout the year because: “This is a Year of Joy, but it goes on in perpetuity.”

I cannot believe there have been 10 years of IIEX events already – all focused on predicting the future! If you haven’t been recently, the 10-year anniversary seems like a great time to go!  With words that describe IIEX events such as forward thinking, thought leaders, innovative researchers, showcasing the application of innovative solutions, creating better and more actionable insights – why wouldn’t you want to be there!

Some 87% of people who’ve been before said they’d recommend IIEX to a friend and 91% gained actionable takeaways that influenced more strategic decisions. So, if you like to discover the latest innovations, connect with others in our profession and celebrate the future we co-create together to define the future of insights – Scoot Insights and The Year of Joy team look forward to seeing you there!

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