Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?


Affiliate Marketing as you know it and how it used to be is dead. As simple as that. It does not longer work.

Discover Why Affiliate Marketing As You Know It No Longer Works… And What To Do About It.

Dean Holland has written a book: The Affiliate Marketers Playbook about this topic, “The Affiliate Marketers Playbook“.
The Affiliate Marketers Playbook Will Help You To…

  • Discover Why Affiliate Marketing As You Know It Is DEAD… and show you how to adapt so that you can still build the business of your dreams…
  • Uncover The Only 4 Things you Must Know And Do To Build Your Successful Business From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  • Build A Business Without Personally Selling Anything …EVER
If you’d like to build an online business as an affiliate marketer, without creating products, building websites or personally selling anything…
…this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

The internet is constantly evolving, but about 4 years ago I predicted a shift was starting that would eventually make the traditional affiliate marketing business model extinct.

And I was right… it’s happened.

More people than ever before are failing at being an affiliate and it’s not for any of the reasons most believe.

It’s NOT because people lack traffic

It’s NOT because of some mindset issue

And it’s NOT even because they need a mentor (even though you should have mentors, it’s not the biggest problem)

I suspect you’ve seen enough and experienced enough so far trying to succeed as an affiliate that you know in your gut that something is wrong…

But, if you want validation that what you believe and what I’m telling you is indeed true, take a look at this BELOW:

Quote by Beau Blackwell, Community Manager
“It’s no secret that out of the hundreds of thousands of new people who decide to try affiliate marketing every year, only a small percentage ever make enough to quit their day job or significantly change their lifestyle. Is it because affiliate marketing is too competitive, too hard for non-techie people, or just not all it’s cracked up to be? (Reference:”

If you don’t know, Clickbank is the world’s largest affiliate product platform for digital products.

They have over 6 million products and over 200 million customers. They know (probably better than anyone else) that the affiliate marketing business model has become fatally flawed.
Dean Holland’s brand new book, The Affiliate Marketing Playbook, is going to unlock the truth for you once and for all, as well as showing you the new way, the only way, to build a business without creating products, sales pages or selling anything personally as an affiliate online
Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…
  • Affiliate Marketing As You Know It Is Dead And No One Is Talking About It… Until Now!
  • The Only Way Left For The ‘Little Guy’ To Succeed Online WITHOUT Creating Products, Websites Or Sales Video
  • The One-Of-A-Kind Way To Build A Business By Giving Away Free Stuff (That You Don’t Even Need To Create Or Buy!)
  • The Only 4 Things You Need To Do In 2018 To Build A Business That Can Be Run Part Time From Home
  • The Top Secret ‘Iceberg Effect’ That’s Exploiting Affiliates And Preventing You From Succeeding Right Now (And You’re Complete Oblivious To It!)
  • Why You’ll Never Struggle For Traffic Again, Even If Everything You’ve Tried Has Failed
  • The Top Secret ‘Behind The Scenes’ Profit Machine You Need In Your Business… And How To Get It In 7 Days Or Less
  • Why You Was Setup To Fail As An Affiliate From The Day You Started (‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know This!)
  • [Overwhelm Killer] Why You’ll Never Have To Get Overwhelmed As You Build Your Business Ever Again With This Single Focus
  • 2 Hour Days… Discover How It’s Possible To Build A Business In As Little As 2 Hours A Day (Whilst Most Slave Away For 6, 8, 10+ Hours Getting Nowhere!)
  • My Personal Free Traffic Machine That Brings Me Laser Targeted Traffic And Sales Every Week In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day
  • “Why Would Anyone Listen To Me?” Never Worry About This Again With One Simple Trick That Takes A Few Minutes Each Day And Grabs Attention Even If No One Knows Who You Are
  • Why It’s Ok To Be A ‘Tech Dummy’ And Grow A Business Online Without Touching Any Code, Plugins Or Complex Systems
  • The Best Thing To Do To Get Sales Every Day Even If You’re Starting From Scratch
  • You’re right, that is a lot of time-tested proven secrets to succeeding as an affiliate marketer…
  • …But it’s even better, because let me remind you that you’re also getting a series of training videos inside the book where you’ll watch me take you by the hand on camera through the key secrets you’ll be discovering as you read the book.
  • Best of all, the book AND the training videos are yours for free

Check it out now here before it is gone. “The Affiliate Marketing Playbook

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