Seven Pinterest Tools for Automation

Seven Pinterest Tools for AutomationSeven Pinterest Tools for Automation

If you’re promoting your business through Pinterest, then you need to look for time- saving tools that will automate your marketing strategy hassle-free. There are many tools and services which can streamline the way you find and pin your content on Pinterest. Let’s have a look at seven major Pinterest tools that can be helpful to you as an online marketer.

1. Trigger Pin Posting With the IFTTT

If This Then That (IFTTT) service can allow you to freely automate tasks between different platforms such as apps, tools and social networks by creating recipes. You can easily trigger tasks based on when you like a pin on Pinterest, either from your profile or when you post any pin to your profile. Also, you can easily set up triggers from other channels that can lead to pinning of an image to a specified board on Pinterest. The IFTTT features more than 200 channels but you need to look for those that are image-centric and identify ones that can perfectly combine with smart automations for Pinterest. It’s one of the easiest automation tools you can use when designing an effective marketing strategy. So what you can do is set up your IFTTT in a way that every time you post a pin that particular post is shared e.g. on your Facebook page or/and Twitter etc.

2. Schedule Pins with Buffer

If you’ve been scheduling social media updates though Buffer, then you can use the same to schedule pins to your pinterest board. For it to work effectively, you need to connect your Pinterest account, then create a schedule that will dictate when you would like pins to be published on the specified Pinterest profile.

3. Pin on the Go with Pinterest App

This is a Pinterest app designed for iOS and Android devices that allows users to add images to their Pinterest boards from anywhere and at any time. The app also makes possible sharing of photos taken from the smartphone to Pinterest board.

4. Inspirational Viral Tag Pins

Apart from giving you the Buffer-style scheduling and design of queuing posts, ViralTag can allow you to add some inspiration for the things you share. The platform also connects to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. This tool allow you to create a one sharing schedule for all your connected accounts unlike the case with Buffer where you have to create a schedule for each connected account.

5. Tailwind for Creating and Scheduling Pins

Tailwind has been a major platform for marketers, brands and agencies who want a perfect tools to schedule pins and analyze trends. Under this platform, you can easily pin images by dragging and dropping them on the board with the help of Chrome Extensions and/ or syncing instagram.

6. Immediate Pinning Of Content Courtesy Of Pinterest Browser Buttons

Pinterest offers a variety of browser buttons that support Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer as well as safari. This option can help you to pin images easily from your blogs or websites to your Pinterest boards. A browser button is a must-have tool as it will help complement other pinterest tools.

7. Achieve Automated Pin Publishing With Sendible

For easy automation and publishing of pins on pinterest, Sendible can be the ideal tool to go for. This service allows you to connect RSS feds right to your account as well as automatically publish news items to more than 20 established social networks, bookmarking sites and blogging platforms simultaneously. Sendible gives you the option of publishing pins immediately or adding them to a queue to publish at times that you specify. So the platform automatically selects the image from the URL selected with no additional steps required

Conclusion About Pinterest

Today’s post and that from yesterday about Learn the Secrets of Pinterest have given you a thorough overview for how you can start utilizing Pinterest as a means for genearating traffic for your business, products, or any other website or offer.

In reality though, the most important learning and improving will actually take place while you’re implementing some of these tricks and also continuing to market on the Pinterest platform. You’ll start to notice trends or things that work better than others, and then you’ll be able to better adapt current or future campaigns and pins.

When you first jump in to marketing on Pinterest, it might seem quite daunting and complicated initially. But you’ll quickly find your footing through a little bit of tinkering around and even doing some research if necessary. Once you get used to marketing and working on Pinterest, it will honestly become a fair bit of fun.

Most of all, remember to have patience and take your time while engaging with marketing on Pinterest. It can take a while to see results, but as long as you invest a little bit of time and work regularly, that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Lastly, you should know have a much better understanding of exactly how to use Pinterest for driving traffic anywhere you’d like. So I want to take a moment to thank you for going through this course. And, of course, I hope you’ve learned a few things that will help you improve your marketing efforts and your traffic.

With all of that said, good luck with your Pinterest marketing endeavours.

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