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Setting Up an Autoresponder

Setting Up An Autoresponder Now your site is live, you can start adding additional features. For any affiliate marketer, one of the first and most crucially important features is of course the autoresponder – which is what will manage your mailing list. As mentioned earlier, the job of your autoresponder is to allow people to…

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Setting Up WordPress

Setting Up WordPress Now you have your hosting account and you have your domain name, you can start actually building your first website. The good news here, is that you won’t actually need to have any coding skills or really much by the way of design skills. Instead, we’re going to look at how you…

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Creating a Website

Creating a Website To begin, let’s look at how you go about setting up a website and everything you need in order to manage one. Domain Name The first thing you’ll need then is your URL. A URL is a domain name that acts as the address for your website. If you hope to use…

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Building Your Affiliate Empire

Building Your Affiliate Empire – Setting Up the Essentials  You’ve already seen at this point how a landing page can help to support the basic business model we’ve created. For this you’ll need a few additional materials and services that get a little more complicated than simply signing up for Facebook Ads or for JVZoo.…

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Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page With the Facebook business model, explained here: you can start spending some money, you can set your ad to live and you can start earning right away. Then, the more you invest, the more you  can increase your revenue and profit. The amazing thing about choosing a niche like ‘weddings’…

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