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Facts, Figures and Social Proof

Facts, Figures and Social Proof & How to get Testimonials Finally, you can further reinforce what you’re saying with liberal doses of facts, statistics and figures. People know that your objective is to sell to them and so anything you say they will likely question and assess. However, when you quote statistics or research, this…

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Value Propositions and More

Working the Emotions: Value Propositions and More The key thing to keep in mind when trying to sell anything is your value proposition. In fact, let’s take a step back. Understand that people don’t buy products based on logic. We don’t buy things because we need them and we’ve considered the pros and cons. In…

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How to Write Sales Copy That Really Works

How to Write Sales Copy That Really Works You’ve seen how to create content that will get read and you’ve seen how to write content that will get shared. Now it’s time to look at what really matters in terms of writing for an affiliate marketer: and that’s creating content that will get your sales.…

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How to Get Shares for Your Content

How to Get Shares for Your Content Getting your articles read is one thing and if you have an affiliate link embedded in there somewhere, then each new reader might translate to a new sale and more profits. But if you can get your articles to get shared then the returns will be cumulative and…

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Selling Directly From Content

Selling Directly From Content You can even turn a great article into a direct way to generate sales for affiliate products without having to link out to a landing page: simply by embedding affiliate links into your content. So let’s say you write an article on ‘how to make your first Android game’. Now of…

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