Facts, Figures and Social Proof

Facts, Figures and Social Proof & How to get Testimonials

Finally, you can further reinforce what you’re saying with liberal doses of facts, statistics and figures. People know that your objective is to sell to them and so anything you say they will likely question and assess. However, when you quote statistics or research, this sounds official enough that a lot of people will accept it blindly.

“70% of people saw incredible results from this product!”

“People are now earning an average of $23,890 a month using strategies similar to this one”

“The sharks-with-lasers-on-their-heads industry has seen year-on-year growth of 700%”

It is immoral to make up facts and figures but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little selective about which ones you use. Likewise, you can conduct your own surveys and research to try and back up your key points.

A more fundamental approach is just to build on facts in order to reach your conclusions so that your readers can see a real logical progression.

“Increasing testosterone leads to more muscle mass, confidence and drive (study) à Other studies show that tribulis terrestris, tongcat ali and l-carnitine can all increase testosterone by at least 5% à So when combined synergistically into a single product, they can promise results of up to 15% à This product can lead to a 15% increase in your confidence and muscle mass!”

A similar strategy is to appeal to authority figures. Psychologist Milgram famously showed that people would do almost anything they were told if the person giving instructions was wearing a lab coat. Tell people that scientists, experts or doctors agree with your hypothesis and you’ll find that they’re far more likely to get on board.

If you can’t get a testimonial from an expert then there are other more subtle ways that brands achieve a similar effect. How about having a picture of a man in a lab coat on your landing page? Or how about giving your brand an official sounding title: like the UK supplement company ‘Dr. Organic’?

Finally, try to use social influence to further encourage sales. Humans are social animals and if we think something is popular or that other people are using something, then this tends to make us want it too. You can take advantage of this by saying your new product is ‘hot’ or a ‘top seller’ or you can just use a lot of testimonials.

Don’t have any testimonials? Just ask a few of your former customers if it’s okay to get a testimonial from them – to save time you can pre-write the message and then just ask them to sign off on it.

Combine all these different strategies into a single highly convincing sales pitch and use the tried-and-tested sales page layout and you can find it results in a huge number of sales.

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